5 things to do in a day in Hvar

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5 things to do in a day in Hvar

Hvar is an island of unprecedented beauty. It is a mixture of beautiful untouched nature, cultural heritage and fine gastronomy and therefore should not be missed when visiting Croatia.

Relax, take a swim and soak up the sun

The beauty of the clear blue sea invites you to take a swim in one of its amazing beaches in Hvar. Whether you enjoy a quiet, family beach surrounded by pine trees. Or you prefer having a cocktail with an incredible view and a DJ providing a chilled vibe in a buzzing bar… You will find that Hvar offers the best of both worlds. White pebbled beaches and translucent waters make this one of the most alluring destinations in Croatia. A day in Hvar may not be enough to soak up the beauty of the place. A day can be more than enough to feed your soul for a day.

Explore the Cultural Heritage

Hvar is abundant in cultural heritage since its long history whispers about the ancient Greeks. They first founded the colony of Pharos in 384 BC on the site of today’s Starigrad, making it one of the oldest towns in Europe. Spending a day here gives you enough time to see Hvar at its best – from above. Take a walk through narrow streets of stone houses to reach the Fort Fortica. Locals call it – Španjola. Besides its architecture, it is the panoramic view of the city and it’s surrounding Pakleni islands that will certainly take your breath away.

Be sure to have a cup of coffee at gradska Pjaca. All the streets will take you to this central square. There is a beautiful 16th-century cathedral of St Stephen which dominates its eastern side. Just a short stroll from Hvar’s square is a place where one can truly appreciate the peace and quiet of Franciscan monastery walls along with its display of museum exhibits.


Dalmatia is well known for its amazing Mediterranean cuisine. The traditional Adriatic repertoire consists of grilled fish, fried squid, and seafood stews found in most restaurants and almost every tavern in Dalmatia. Hvar is also famous for its domestic wine so make sure to taste red wine Plavac. Plavac is an authentic Hvar wine. Among restaurants in Hvar, we suggest you book a table at Passarola for a nice lunch or Dalmatino if you prefer a quick bite.

Buy a souvenir as a reminder

One of the most prominent features of Hvar is its fields of purple and green lavender. Its distinct unforgettable scent, its healing capacity as well as its gastronomic usage make this one of the must-have souvenirs to take home with you as an unforgettable reminder of a day in Hvar.

Admire the natural beauty of Pakleni Islands

Pakleni islands are just a short boat ride away from Hvar and are surely worth a visit. These islands of magnificent natural beauty offer sunny beaches, restaurants and bars perfect for a day in Eden. Its combination of untouched serenity and wilderness is sure to make your day a memorable experience.

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